How to: Write a compelling donation appeal

When running a crowdfunding campaign, it is very important to explain the possible contributors exactly why they should help. A donation appeal made over social media can attract a lot of new donors. However, there a few pointers to writing a more compelling appeal.

After one-to-one discussions with some of our fundraisers at Crowdera, we decided to put down these pointers and tips in writing. That’s exactly what today’s #WednesdayWisdom post is all about. Remember, though, that these are just guidelines, not rules. You can choose to follow your own gut when formulating a donation appeal for your cause or organization.

Make it emotional

The emotional appeal of a campaign is the first thing that makes it noticeable. Do this with the help of a stirring and moving story that encourages the reader to be a part of the cause. There are many fundraisers and causes to donate to. Give them a reason to support yours.

Address and engage

Address the reader directly in the appeal, as if you  were having a conversation with them. Ask them questions and encourage them to respond. Make sure to answer all their questions. Even if they leave comments on a post, take it as a way to have a conversation.

Use visual elements

Even when you have a great story, most people on social media just scroll through their feeds. That’s why visual elements like pictures, graphics and videos can help grab attention. You could also have a few images specifically designed for the campaign.

Create a sense of urgency

Your donation appeal must clearly state the timeline of your fundraiser. It can do you good to create a sense of urgency. Mention the consequences of missing the deadline on the campaign. This can also help fasten the pace of getting the funds into your campaign.

Do the math 

Simple comparisons of donation amounts with some everyday expenses can help encourage the donors. Instead of leaving the computations to them, do the math in your appeal. For example, instead of saying what $20 can do, you can say this:

The price of a week’s worth of Starbucks coffee can cover the cost of books for an entire class in an Indian village.

Direct them

Don’t just tell the story, also tell your readers what they are expected to do. Use words like ‘donate’, ‘contribute’ and ‘share’ to lay your expectations clearly. Usually, these directions or ‘call to action’ are mentioned at the very end of the appeal.

Advertize your rewards

One thing that can put up an extra zing to your donation appeal is mentioning the rewards. Sometimes, cool rewards can be an additional incentive for the donors.