Spreading a giving revolution on YouTube

The very basic principle of work for us at Crowdera is encouraging people to do good for their community or society. Earlier this week, we came across a YouTube video who is also making similar requests. YouTuber Lextasy put up a video of him giving free Uber rides, and asking the passengers to ‘pay it forward’.

Alex David Chuk spoke of his experience as a fresh-off-the-boat immigrant in USA before introducing the ‘One Good Deed’ experiment. He was bullied as a child for not speaking English well and being overweight. The fact that his family didn’t know the ways of the American life made things worse. All this went on until, a couple stepped up to help his family learn the language and way of life in the new country.

He believes that meeting this elderly couple was a miracle, and the turning point in his life. “They stepped in to guide us and help us instead of making fun of the differences like most others. They made me realize how important one good deed can be in someone else’s life,” Lex says in the video.

Taking inspiration from his past experiences, he set out on an experiment. He drove an Uber for an entire night, giving his passengers free rides. Since the company charges people virtually, he gave the passengers cash equivalent to their fare. Lex asked people to put the money back into the community if they could.

A video published on Lex’s YouTube channel Lexstacy shows the r. While some were really happy, many were genuinely shocked. Commenting on this shocked reaction, Lex said, “We are used to a culture of taking. Giving back is not very common in our popular culture any more.”

In conclusion, he appealed to all his viewers to do some random act of kindness, or one good deed at least once a week. He hopes that this starts a chain of such acts of kindness with every receiver ‘paying it forward’.

Well, we sure hope this experiment becomes a huge success. Crowdera is also a part of a giving revolution of its own. The very reason our platform takes no hosting fee or commission is we genuinely believe, “Abundance starts with giving.”

Here’s the much acclaimed video: