Adrian Grenier: The socially conscious and charitable star

On screen, he plays a jet-setting Hollywood celebrity whose life revolves around parties, women and everything glam. Adrian Grenier could choose a similar life for himself offscreen as well. However, the Entourage star opted to be more grounded, socially aware and proactive. 

In fact, he believes that playing the extravagant and flamboyant Vincent Chase helped him become more charitable. Grenier is a vocal environmentalist. He even serves the board of React to Film, a nonprofit that promotes short films and documentaries on socially relevant topics. In fact, he is the brain behind many a documentaries and shows on the causes he supports.  The most renowned of them was “52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale”.

The documentary led to the formations of his Lonely Whale Foundation in 2015. The same year, he also became the first Social Good Advocate of Dell Corporation. In this role, he inspires people to make sustainable lifestyle choices.

Other organizations he supports include Charity: Water, Little Kids Rock and Wade Smith Foundation. Other than the oceans, Grenier is also an advocate of better access to education and women empowerment. He doesn’t even shy away from admitting that he is a feminist. And, he isn’t one because its cool. He genuinely believes that more empowered women can help the society better.

In an interview about his charitable endeavours, he once said, “I’m a big supporter of all sorts of charities. I like to support causes that are fundamental, that are at the root of a lot of other things.”

Has Adrian Grenier inspired you with his socially responsible actions? You don’t have to be a star like him to gather support for causes you believe in. Contribute to them in any small way you can with Crowdera. Browse through our live campaigns to donate. You could also start a free fundraiser for a pet project.