Prayag Digital India Mela: Taking Digital India wave to villages

One of the oldest forms of communal celebrations in Indian villages is organizing a ‘Mela’ or carnival. The most important of these melas is one held every twelve years in Allahabad. It is the site of confluence of three holy rivers. It was also known as the Prayag Mela, referring to the old name of this modern-day Indian city.

In a few days, India’s National Capital Region (NCR) will witness a new-age digital mela. The first-ever Prayag Digital India Mela will have all the trappings of a traditional village fair. From folk music and puppet shows to a magic show, it will all be there.

And, yet this be a more progressive gathering than any other mela. For one, it is organizers are NGO Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and Government of India’s Digital India Programme. Secondly, it will usher in discussions about the role of technology in India’s development.

“Prayag is the name of the place where the holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet each other. In the same way, the Prayag Mela is a confluence of tradition and culture with modern technology. It is a place to discuss digital impact on various walks of human life. Stakeholders will also talk about how to get the maximum possible benefit out of it,” said DEF founder Osama Manzar.

He added that the stakeholders include NGOs, corporates and even representatives of departments of state and central governments. Manzar also invited people interested in the topic to participate and find out how they can participate in this movement.

You can participate in the Prayag Digital India Mela in several ways. Of course, you can attend the mela and connect yourself with the cause. You can also donate towards the organization costs of the mela. Visit their fundraising page on Crowdera to do this. Crowdera is proud to be platform of choice for this unique mela. In fact, if you do attend, you can interact with our crew on the fair ground as well.