Can crowdfunding help schools?

When schools need to raise funds, they usually resort to bake sales and car washes. But with the changing times, they need to add some more fundraising methods in their kitty. Like crowdfunding.

For our #TuesdayTips post today, we have listed down a few ways that schools can utilize online fundraising. From collecting funds for utilities, books, computers or even for the drama club or sports team, crowdfunding can help.


Before launching a fundraiser, it is advisable to get on to some social media platforms. You can have a bunch of seniors or a couple of teachers handle these pages. Use these pages to chronicle all activities of the school. Try to get in touch with former students, retired teachers and other wellwishers through social media.


After all, they are the ones who rally around for even the more traditional fundraising events. While they will be the first to donate to the campaign, parents are also more likely to know probable donors. Therefore, it is very important to take the parents into confidence and take every help from them for a crowdfunding campaign.


Other than parents of the present students, its important to reach out to your former students. This is where the social media pages will come in handy. Alums are likely to follow the school’s activities even if they have moved away. Most of them will be in a place where they would like to give back to their alma mater.


While helping the school and students would be reason for most donors to contribute, rewards can attract more donations. Make sure the rewards are related to your campaign. For example, if the campaign aims to buy computers for young students, a digital painting from the students can be a good reward.


Your local community, even those who are not associated with the school, would be more interested in your school’s activities. The best way to reach across to them is through local media. You can contact the radio stations and newspapers to help with spreading the word about your campaign.


It is also important to take your fundraising activities offline. Put up posters or engage local businesses in the fundraising efforts. Just anything that will attract attention and help your campaign become the talk of the town.

Convinced that crowdfunding can be a big help for your school’s fundraising needs? Then, come over to Crowdera and explore the world of free fundraising. Here, you can also team up with your friends for a much more effective campaign.