Zhao Yongjiu: A sanitation worker who has funded needs of 37 kids

For today’s edition of #UpliftingThursday, we travel to the Orient, to bring you a heartwarming story. This is the story of 56-year-old Zhao Yongjiu from Shenyang, China. He is not a rich man. In fact, he lives and works in the most humble of ways possible. Yet, he has provided for 37 underprivileged kids in the last three decades, according to a report in Shanghai Daily.

Zhao works as a sanitation worker and earns around 2400 Yuan or around US$350 in a month. He manages to do this by working two jobs from 4.30 am to 9 pm. Though he lives modestly, he donates the maximum possible amount he can towards education and other needs of the kids he sponsors. Over a period of 30 years, he has spent an  amount of 170,00 Yuan (an equivalent of around US$24,700) on these kids.

The reason behind Zhao’s grand gesture is as inspiring as his act. As a child, he lost his father at a very young age. He and his mother often didn’t have enough money to afford food afterwards. At such times, their neighbors would always chip in with help. This had a huge impact on the little boy who decided to [ass on the kindness he received.

Thus started the lifelong mission to improve the lives and prospects of kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. And, this meant many personal sacrifices for Zhao. He also sold out the only property he owned, and rented room to give away the maximum donations possible.

Zhao Yongjiu’s story gives us a few lessons. One single person’s selfless deeds can definitely have a much greater impact on the future of the planet. Also, a young, impressionable mind receiving such kindness is more likely to return the favor. If you would like to help someone in a similar manner, come over to Crowdera. Browse through our live campaigns to donate or create a free fundraiser to help someone.