How to: Use Facebook effectively for crowdfunding

With almost 2 billion people using it, no other social media platform drives the kind of traffic Facebook does. Since crowdfunding is all about crowd, no one considering raising funds online can afford to give it a miss. In a previous post, we have given a few basics on using Facebook for crowdfunding.

Other than sharing your campaign with family, friends and followers, Facebook can also help connect with new audiences. If it gets the right attention, your campaign may even end up becoming ‘viral’. There are a few easy hacks that can help you make use of this platform in the most effective manner. We have listed a few of them here for you.


Even  before launching the campaign, make sure you have a separate Facebook page to discuss the details and progress. It could even be the official page of your organization, or a new page by the name of the project/event you are raising funds for. If it’s a new page, the work to promote it and gather followers would have to start much before the campaign.


Whether your campaign is about an individual, organization or event, create a relevant hashtag. Use this in every promotional activity offline as well as online. You can even start creating a hype about the campaign before its launch with the help of this hashtag.


A small video, some images, perhaps even an infographics can draw attention towards your posts. They also make for a better presentation of your case. The audience doesn’t just need to read but also see something engaging. All these materials can be kept ready beforehand to be used before, during as well as after the campaign.


Make sure to include the link to the campaign in every post. This link must be preceded by a brief description of the campaign.


During the campaign’s run, you can use testimonials or an experience sharing post featuring one of your donors. Make sure you tag them, and other donors so that they would further share or comment on the post. You can also choose to thank all of the donors through individual posts.


When you make a page, Facebook gives you the option of keeping an eye on the popularity of your page and the posts made on it. These insights can help you understand what kind of posts are being received well. Accordingly, you can ensure that the future posts are more engaging and popular.

Now that you have learnt about some Facebook hacks for promoting a crowdfunding campaign, why don’t you create one? In fact, you can even raise funds FREE on Crowdera.