When interacting with your donors…

In many previous posts, we have stressed the importance of communicating with donors. It is natural that anyone who is helping you out financially, or investing in you, will have some questions. All your answers must garner trust and goodwill about you and your organization.

Since a big part of crowdfunding promotion is through social networking sites, the communication with donors can be public. This makes it all the more important to construct the responses to any question raised by a potential donor carefully. We have a few pointers that will help you do just that in some common scenarios. 

Donors show doubt

Don’t get offended by questions that raise doubts about your intentions. Instead, take them as an opportunity to reassure existing donor base and earn a few new ones. In very polite words, address the doubt by countering it with a proof of concept. Use examples of people whom by your work has impacted. Tell their stories. Give out organizational statistics. You could also invite the doubters, and others, to experience the project themselves.

Donor quotes a competitor

There are times when someone may leave a mean comment, comparing you with a competitor. Again, make sure the response is polite and gracious. Never speak ill of the organization they have quoted. In fact, go ahead and say a good thing or two about them. After this, mention what is different between their work and yours in a very matter-of-fact manner.

Questions about expenses

On Crowdera, you have the option of giving a detailed spend matrix. This means that you can mention separate expenses under every head. This is because we understand the importance of transparency in fundraising. You can also choose to go into more details in your appeal. Even after all this, if a donor raises a question on your expenses and overheads, be honest and direct. If the overheads are high, explain the reasons for it.

About your organizational structure

Following up on the overhead question is one about the staff and their salary. People may raise questions about the number of people in your team, or the amount of their salaries. Explain them the role and importance of every team member this point. Also, mention that though the staff is working towards a cause, they need to pay their bills, too.

So, the next time a donor asks any question about your crowdfunding efforts, don’t get flustered. In fact, you should go ahead and encourage people to pose queries about your project.