Generosity can help you find favor with canines and apes

Did you know that your pet dog can actually ‘sniff’ the level of your generosity? In fact, that is the measure of how the pet behaves with you. That’s what a new study concluded. Not just canines, but most apes seem to have this ability as well.

A new study conducted by researchers from Kyoto University concluded that canines and apes can judge human behavior. In fact, they use their inference about a person being nice or naughty in their interactions with them. The team, headed by psychologist James Anderson, included capuchin monkeys and dogs in their experiments. The findings were published recently in ‘Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews’ journal.

Actors performed a scene in front of the monkeys. One of them struggled with opening a can, while another either helped or refused to help the former. Both actors offered food to the bananas afterwards. In cases when the second actors were helpful, the monkeys took banana from both. In the other case, the monkeys would usually refuse the banana offered by the second actor.

Dogs also went through the same test, with the first actor replaced by their owners. The dogs also refused the treats offered by the actors who didn’t help their owners.

Explaining this behaviour, Anderson said, “In humans, a basic sensitivity around antisocial tendencies develops into an actual sense of morality as one grows up and becomes taught. Dogs’ longstanding relationship with humans, too, has made them very sensitive to our behavior not just toward their kind, but other humans as well.”

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