How to: crowdfund your book as a writer

In yesterday’s post, we spoke about the reasons a writer should consider crowdfunding for a book. Now that we have established the reason, let’s get on to how one goes about it.

Any and every kind of crowdfunding needs some ground work and preparation. Similar work would be required for the book as well. Build a website, a Facebook page and a Twitter account to build the crowd much before launching your campaign.

Here are some more hacks to make crowdfunding a book work for you:

  • Build an initial traction: This can be done either online or offline. Share a sneak peek into the book with some special fans or friends. These are the people who would be the first contributors to your campaign.
  • Discuss and involve: Once you have a good web presence, work towards building a crowd interested in your work. With these people, discuss the development of your work. You could also engage these audiences in some of the decisions regarding the plot, the names of the key characters, etc.
  • Give a preview: Share a preview of a couple of chapters with the audiences. Gather their reactions, make changes accordingly. You could also present two alternative endings and ask the audiences to choose the one they would like to read.
  • The rewards: This is one of the most important part of your campaign. Pay good attention on drawing up rewards that connect with the theme of your book. Make sure the rewards are special and unique. General rewards include free access to ebooks, a chance to meet the author and other works by the author. Other more specific ones can be a dedication to a particular reader, naming characters after someone, having their pictures on the cover or even merchandise that tie-in with the story of the book.

Most importantly, have fun with the entire process!

Ready to try your hands at self publishing through crowdfunding? Hop over to Crowdera where you can raise the funds you need for free. And, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to talk it over with our crew of experts.