A vaccination drive to help street dogs in Aurangabad against an epidemic

Most Indian towns and cities have one common civic problem – an abundance of stray animals on the streets. Dogs form the highest of these street animals. While most people see them as a menace to public safety, two friends in the small town of Maharashtra saw street dogs from a different perspective.

These two friends, Mandar and Anand, have spent money out of their own pockets to vaccinate the dogs. The vaccines in question are really expensive, and protect the dogs against an incurable viral disease.

The disease in question is called canine distemper. Despite the name, it can affect a wide range of animals from lions to ferrets. It is not only a highly contagious disease but also one with a very high fatality rate. Fortunately, prevention is available in the form of vaccines. However, these vaccines are very expensive, each of them costing around US$40.

Even so, Madar along with his veterinarian friend Anand, bore the cost of ten vaccines. They personally admitted these vaccines to street dogs in their locality. However, there are many more dogs in the area who are still not vaccinated. Therefore, the two friends decided to raise funds for at least 120 more dogs.

You can help them, too, by contributing to their crowdfunding campaign on Crowdera.