Should I run my campaign on two crowdfunding platforms simultaneously?

On most social forums, there are some questions that are often asked regularly about crowdfunding. One of them is campaign creators asking whether the idea of running the campaign on multiple crowdfunding platforms is a good one.

Many people ask us this over the course of our interaction with them as well. So, in today’s post, we answer this question for you with a full justification of the reply.

Whenever someone asks any of our team members this question, the answer is a resounding “Noooo”. And that is the answer most platforms, consultants or even agencies that assist crowdfunding projects will give.

And, here’s a few reasons for this:

  • Each campaign requires time, efforts and a unique plan for it to succeed. Its humanly impossible for the same person, or team, to run two unique campaigns for the same project and at the same time.
  • It leads to division of labor AND CROWD! One way to circumvent through the above problem is to divide your team into two which may not be such a bad thing. As you know, the first contributors to your campaign(s) will be people close to you. As you promote both campaigns, a few of them will contribute to one campaign, while the others to the second. This may mean that none of the campaigns reach the point where it can attract attention of the organic crowd or the platform itself.
  • It leads to a whole lot of confusion. If you get a good PR exposure, it could go to waste as people would not know which one is the “original” or actual fundraising page set up by you. Ultimately, it will double up the efforts and reduce its efficiency.

And, these are only the top three in the list. We can enumerate a lot more on this topic to come up with several more reasons.

Now that you know the answer, and justification, to one of the most asked question about crowdfunding. Get going with your research on crowdfunding platforms before launching that cherished campaign. And, while you are at it, look up Crowdera which is a fee-free, global platform.