Why should a filmmaker use crowdfunding?

The world of cinema is alluring. No wonder there are so many who aspire to be a part of it. While it may have been an impossible dream at one time, becoming a filmmaker is no longer accessible only by a select few.

In fact, even relatively new and unknown people also get an easier foray into the world of movies now. One of the phenomena that have helped this is crowdfunding.

Let’s  discuss a few advantages of crowdfunding in filmmaking. 

  • Covers the costs: The biggest advantage, of course, is that crowdfunding takes care of the most basic and pertinent obstacle. (This doesn’t mean there is no hard work involved here!)
  • Validates your idea: People will only contribute to your campaign if they like the idea behind the project. If you can get enough people to contribute, this means there will be many more willing to watch it.
  • A ready fanbase: Your contributors, thus, become the first entrants of your fanbase. So you have fans even before the release of your movie.
  • Feedback before release: This also means that you can get feedback about your idea, and even modify it, much before anything goes on the shooting floor.
  • More involved fandom: As a crowdfunded movie, your project will be discussed by the fans at a more personal level. Depending on your rewards (more on this in tomorrow’s post), you could even have some of them be directly involved in the project.
  • Networking opportunity: And, its not just the fans who will be more involved. If you are able to create a good buzz around the project, some professionals or experts may want to help with it.

If you are an aspiring filmmaker, do take crowdfunding as a serious option. Also, check out Crowdera where you can raise funds for your next movie project for free. Moreover, you could have people from different countries, and using different currencies contribute to the same campaign.