A six-year-old in Chicago invites homeless people to her birthday party

Like any little girl, Chicago’s Armani Crews was excited for her sixth birthday. On the day, she dressed up in a black and pink ensemble topped with a tiara. Then, she stepped out for the most special birthday party ever. The little one was not getting any gifts, but happily handing over gifts to her guests. Oh, and the guests weren’t kids. They were the homeless people of Chicago.

Weeks before her birthday, she discussed the plans for the party with her mother Artesha Crews. Armani was sure even then that she didn’t want a typical party with her school friends coming over. Instead, she wanted to feed the homeless. Her mother suggested making some sandwiches for the homeless. However, the little girl was adamant to serve whatever would have been served to her friends.

Perhaps as a deterrent, or as a warning, her father Antoine gave a caution. He informed his daughter that such a party means she will not get any presents. The little one had this to say about it, “That’s okay. As long as they can eat, I’m fine.”

The family started agreed to serve a full meal of chicken, fish, spaghetti, pizza and mashed potatoes. Word got out about Armani’s special party and others expressed wish to help. Many of them came forward with donations. The Crews used this money to buy water bottles and toiletries. On the B-Day, they handed out hot food and care packages to 125 homeless people in Chicago.

Here’s little Armani handing over food and water to the guests at her birthday party

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