Daniel Radcliffe: The boy who yearns to give back

The world’s favorite screen wizard Daniel Radcliffe is not just a rich man who lives a outlandish life. He believes that the riches he earns are to share with the less fortunate. No wonder than that he supports a host of charitable organizations across the seas.

The “Harry Potter” actor has been an  outspoken supporter of several causes he believes in. And, its not just lip service that he engages in. He would rather put his money where his mouth is. He regularly donates to several charities. In fact, he often brings in his Harry Potter personna to bring in more eyeballs and attention to the causes he stands for. He has even auctioned some of his belongings to raise money for charity.

The ones he has a special affiliation for are The Trevor Project and Demelza House. While the former works towards preventing suicide among gay teens, the latter is a hospice for terminally ill kids. In fact, he is so involved in Trevor Project that the organization gave him the “Hero Award” in 2011 for his involvement. Other charities that Daniel has supported include Book Aid International, Rebuilding Sri Lanka, Save The Children and UNICEF.

Daniel is not just a charitable person himself but often encourages his fans to support charities. When he started receiving Christmas presents from fans, he requested them to donate Demelza House’s project called Candle for Care. In many interviews, he has said that the most important work he does is supporting the charities and causes he does.

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