How to: crowdfund a project as a filmmaker

Last Tuesday’s post was about what makes crowdfunding a good option for filmmakers. This is especially true for the small, independent filmmaker. Today, we tell you how exactly to go about the process of crowdfunding a movie or film.

Remember that the initial work is to build up a good social media presence, not just for yourself but also for the project. Also, make sure to use all the members on your team as this increases the reach of your campaign.

Here are a few hacks to crowdfund as a filmmaker: 

  • CREATE A FAN BASE BEFOREHAND: On the social media platforms you have your presence, create a fan base much before you launch a crowdfunding campaign. This is where most of your contributions will come from.
  • INVOLVE: A great way to involve your audiences is to discuss all the milestones, and the very idea behind the project with them. You can also ask their opinion, take surveys, etc about some important plot points.
  • BUILD A DETAILED BUDGET: Build a detailed budget plan for the project. While doing this, consider keeping a small contingency fund. Also, it would be wise to include any shipping cost for the rewards or such expenses in this budget.
  • REWARDS: The perks, based on the range of contributions from the donor, can vary from naming some characters in the movie after somebody or giving them the credit as executive producer. You could even promise a small ‘role’ in the movie to one or more of the backers.

    The high-value donors have the option of getting credited as an executive producer, associate producer or a producer. Usually, there’s only one spot for each credit. The associated backing value is also very high in most cases, even as high as one half or one third of the entire target amount.

If you are thinking of going the crowdfunding way, hop over to Crowdera where you can raise funds for your movie for FREE!