Generosity of a woman saves the day for a distraught dad

A couple of weeks ago, passengers at Omaha airport witnessed a heart-touching scene. A father was told he couldn’t take his two-year-old daughter along because of some oversight while booking tickets. The solution was to buy a new ticket for her or to buy new tickets for them both on another flight. However, he couldn’t afford either. That’s when an woman’s generosity solved the problem.

This father had booked his ticket a few months ago, when the daughter was one. She turned two in January. As there were no tickets in her name, airport authorities said they couldn’t allow the kid to board the flight. The child was two months too old to fly without a ticket, they added. In order to travel with the child, he needed to buy another ticket in the same flight. The price of the ticket was more than what he could afford.

Visibly upset and heartbroken, he moved aside from the passenger queue and started making some calls. All this while, he was hugging his daughter and holding her head. It was clear to all by-standers how heartbroken he was feeling at that moment.

Source: Norwex website
Debbie Bolton

The woman next to him in the queue witnessed all this. She told the check-in clerk that she would buy the little girl’s ticket. The clerk reminded her that it was an expensive ticket. She said she knew it was more than $700 and proceeded to pay for it. Afterwards, she didn’t even give her name to the young father when he said he would pay back.

A Facebook post about the incident went viral. It was only then that the woman was identified. Her name is Debbie Bolton, the co-founder and global chief sales officer at a start-up called Norwex. People who know her said they were not surprised to learn of Debbie’s generosity. She sure is an inspiring boss to her employees, and an exemplary person for the rest of us.

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