Selena Gomez: Killing Social Evils With Her Kindness

On Thursday, pop star Selena Gomez went back to high school. This time in the role of a mentor to the young women. She spoke to these teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds how they could realize their full potential despite the difficulties.

This is not the first time the pop star has been involved with such causes. In August 2009, she became the youngest UNICEF Goodwill ambassador ever at the age of 17. In this role, she visited several developing countries like Nepal, Congo, Chile and Ghana. She raised awareness about several topics she got to know about on these trips. These included malnutrition, infant mortality and lack of medical services.

Selena has also participated in a lot of charity events to help raise funds for many a cause. She has also been a part of a celebrity auction organized by UNICEF. Other than the causes related to children, Selena is also a green warrior. During her tenure at Disney, she appeared in many PSAs on environmentally friendly behavior.

She also supports organizations like Teen Care America, Malala Fund, Ryan Seacrest Foundation and ENOUGH Project. Other causes that she supports are animal welfare, human rights and promotion of peace in the world. In fact, she has helped the Make A Wish Foundation fulfill so many wishes that they gave her a special award for it.

Being a teen icon, Selena has a huge fan following on social media. She uses this as a means of spreading awareness as well as to encourage people to donate. And, of course, her loyal army responds.

Are you a Selenator yet? (Yeah! That’s the term for the hardcore Selena Gomez fans!) We hope reading about her charitable endeavours made you think of emulating her. And, of course, Crowdera is there to help you along the way.