The right hashtag can help in your campaign’s success

In all our previous posts about social media promotions, we have stressed making use of the right hashtag. This little magic wand works wonders on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. With all these platforms running the world, using this tool wisely can help boost traffic, and therefore contributions, to your crowdfunding page.

The small, seemingly innocuous symbol has becoming the driving force of the internet in the current times. Therefore, we thought of sharing with you a few tips about making good and optimal use of hashtags in your fundraising campaign in today’s #WednesdayWisdom post.

Create a unique identity:

Even before you introduce your campaign on social media, think of a relevant hashtag to associate with your campaign. This does not need to be a long description of your campaign, but just a brief (2-3 words) character stream. A few good examples are: #adoptdontshop (Adopt, Don’t Shop) by an animal shelter,  #EndPovertyBy2020 as a mission and #LetsEducateGirls as a social message. At Crowdera, we often use #AbundanceStartsWithGiving (Abundance Start With Giving).

Use this hashtag in every social media post that you put up about the campaign. Also encourage your followers to use it. Some characteristics of a good hashtag are –

  • short and concise
  • unique to your campaign (You’ll need to check if it is already in use)
  • gives an unambiguous and clear message


Along with the unique hashtag, you must also use some popular ones. For fundraising campaigns, these could relate to the action you expect from your followers. This could be #donate, #give or #contribute. You could also include other relevant words that describe your campaign.

Relate it to trends:

At any given time, certain hashtags are more popular on a social media platform than the others. Keep an eye on these trends, and if possible, use them. But don’t sue them in a random or abrupt manner. Make some efforts to link them with your campaign before making use of the popular ones.

Don’t overuse:

However, using more hashtags than needed can be very annoying for the readers. Beside, you want to engage your followers in a conversation through every post. A post full of hashtags can’t help in this regard. One post must not contain more than 4 hashtags.

Careful, it can go wrong!

Make sure that the sequence of letters in your hashtag doesn’t mean anything other than what you want it to convey. This has happened before, and has embarrassed a lot of big celebrities and marketers alike.

In ca you are about to run a crowdfunding campaign, these tips may come in very handy. And, if that is what you are preparing for, have a look at our no-fee, global crowdfunding platform Crowdera. We would be happy to host you! If you still have queries, reach out to Crew Crowdera at [email protected]