Seven-year-old Brady Duke shares Wii with policemen to make them happy

Most kids guard their possessions, especially toys that they love, fiercely. They don’t share their favorite ones with others very easily. However, seven-year-old Brady Duke from Wausau, Wisconsin is a generous little man. He decided to share his prized Wii with the members of the local police department. If you thought this was adorable, here’s something even more heartwarming. The department had just lost a team member, and Brady wanted to cheer them up.

Last week, there was a shooting in the neighbouring town of Weston. Four people were killed when a man went on a rampage, including policeman Jason Weiland. The brave officer from the Everest Police Department was trying to stop the suspect from killing more people. After a brief scuffle, the department arrested the suspect.

On hearing the story, all Brady knew was he had to comfort the friends of the slain officer. He wrote them a letter of gratitude and offered condolences on the loss of their “police brother”. He even asked them if he could help in any way. In the postscript, he wrote he could give good hugs and played Uno well.

The Wausau PD shared the letter on their Facebook page. They even invited the boy over to their office. “I felt sad because I didn’t want somebody to die that was somebody that protected a city. They had a police brother that died and I just wanted to make them happy,” said Brady about the reason he wrote the letter.

Brady soon made a trip to the headquarters of Wausau Police Department for an afternoon of Wii gaming sessions with the cops. And sure enough, Brady was successful in making the department members happy.

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