On National Kindness Day, British charity reveals 56% of their countrymen experienced random acts of kindness

In just five months, it would be twenty years since Princess Diana’s death. British charity The Diana Award that celebrated National Kindness Day on Friday announced their plans to mark the occasion. According to this, they started on a mission to encourage 20,000 tangible random acts of kindness in 2017.

They also released the results of a new research which revealed how random acts of kindness happen throughout Britain. The study was undertaken jointly by The Diana Award, Clangers and One Poll. It found that 56% of the surveyed individuals had experienced a random act of kindness.

The study also went into the gender, age and other dynamics of these kind acts. It found that women were more likely to benefit from such acts from a stranger. While 50% of the men had strangers being kind to them, 60% of women had such experiences.

More interestingly, the study found a correlation between age and experiencing a random act of kindness. According to the findings, millennials are most likely to receive an act of kindness. As the age of the person increases, the likeliness of receiving an act of kindness seemed to decrease, with Gen X being the least likely recipients.

In a press release, the chief executive of the charity Tessy Ojo commented, “It’s heartening to see that as a nation we’re kind and caring. But these new statistics also highlight there’s much more we can do to make us even kinder. That’s why we’re kick-starting a campaign of kindness on National Kindness Day in memory of  Princess Diana.  We’re encouraging everyone to do something kind for someone else and let us know about it.”

Whether or not you are British, this seems like a great mission to undertake. In fact, it can be replicated at any level – national, state, city or locality. You could also take up a local project and do your bit to help. In case, you need it, Crowdera will be happy to support any of your activities aimed at making the world a kinder place.