How to: use Instagram for crowdfunding promotion

In many of our previous posts, we have stressed the importance of using social media for promoting your crowdfunding campaign. Often, we have named Instagram as an important platform to explore in this regard.

Most of us only know it as a photo sharing platform. The idea of using it for promotions of any kind may come across as a bit odd. However, once you crack the formula, Instagram can help you get a lot of traffic, and hopefully donations to your crowdfunding page and campaign. Let’s discuss a few of the hacks in today’s #WednesdayWisdom post.


Go in with a plan: Before you start the promotions, stop by on the platform for some research. Many brands are using the platform for marketing. Observing their account activity will help you make a plan about your own promotions.

Create an interesting profile: This starts with writing a bio that states all about your mission and vision. It should be worded in a way that will make it more attractive to the target group you’re focusing on.

Invite followers from other social networking sites: The initial followers for your account can be the ones you already have. Invite your followers on Facebook, Twitter and other places to follow your Insta account as well. You could also put up the link to the account on your website and in any of the promotional material.

Make sure all the posts you make are associated with your mission. The pictures you post should be personalized. You could even use a small logo to brand all these pictures. You can even put up some short videos that speak about the campaign or you. Do not repost any of your previous pictures, stories or videos.

Create some cool hashtags related to your work and for the campaign. Include them and the link to the crowdfunding page in the captions, and if possible in the bio section.

Be interactive: In the captions you write, encourage people to carry forward a conversation. When people comment, respond to them. Through these interactions, you can make many friends, fans and followers. The shorter your reaction time, the better.

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