For Pankaj, education is a means of helping people with schizophrenia

For most of us, getting an education in a particular subject is about the subject one really likes. Pankaj Suneja had an added criteria for choosing to study psychology – the intention of helping people suffering from mental disorders. That is the reason for him wishing to learn psychoanalysis from University College of London.

As a person experiencing some symptoms himself, he was always looking for ways to help others in similar situations. It occurred to him that studying the disorder in a scientific manner would make him better equipped for it.

Pankaj is a researcher from New Delhi. In the past, he has studied on several topics including an in-depth study on schizophrenia. One of his researches was the best paper in annual conference of the International Society for Psychological and Social Approach to Psychosis (ISPS) in March 2015. He has also written two books. Both are fictionalised accounts of the life from the point of view of a schizophrenia patient.

In his own words, Pankaj wishes to “explore new paradigms to understand the challenging and difficult experience of psychosis.” After he completes his education, he wants to continue his research to find better ways of understanding and helping the schizophrenia.

He also wants to encourage and involve others in the research. The ultimate goal is to create a safe space for patients to come and interact with each other and professionals. Pankaj wants to open an institution that will serve both the purposes.

You can also help Pankaj in accomplishing his goals by donating to his fundraising page on Crowdera. You can also help spread the word about the campaign by enlisting support for his campaign through this Thunderclap page.