Even a nonprofit/charity crowdfunding requires PR strategy

Usually, when crowdfunding and PR are mentioned together, the reference is to campaigns related to innovative products or businesses. However, even personal needs fundraisers or those floated by charities need a good PR strategy in place.

At Crowdera, notice that when a campaign gets press mention, it gets more contributions for the subsequent few days. Therefore, we always encourage our fundraisers to contact media people before, during and towards the end of the campaign. Today, we give you a few pointers that can help devise a PR strategy for your crowdfunding campaign.

Formulating a PR strategy for crowdfunding campaigns:

Before launch

  • Have a PR team or person in place to coordinate with any media queries.
  • Start local. Look out for any newspaper, radio or other outlets that have had stories that sound similar to yours. Pitch your story to them. Mention a phone number or email address where anybody who comes across the story can reach you.
  • Keep some short write ups, pictures, infographics, statistics, etc relevant to your story ready. If any media person asks for anything, you must be able to send it across in the least possible time.
  • Make sure to update all your social media pages and your website. Often, media people use them as secondary resources.
  • This also a good time to start reaching out to media people at national level through social media channels.
  • You could also find out popular websites that write about fundraisers.

During the campaign

  • Before the campaign, your pitch usually includes the story behind your project. However, at this stage, it changes to the support it has garnered till now.
  • Your press release at this point must include a couple of testimonials from donors. Try to relate the story from their point of view.
  • Also, make a scalable description of the funds raised thus far. Mention what exactly can be achieved with the money you have and what more can be done with the rest.
  • Seek out blogs where you can contribute a guest post at this stage.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to national media at this stage.
  • Update all the statistics and infographics you made before.

Towards the end

  • This is advisable only if you have a decent amount of funding a week or so before the campaign ends.
  • This is not just a chance to acquire the remainder of the funds but also some long terms supporters. So, change your media communication accordingly. You could do this by including the future plans or the next big project you will undertake.
  • It can also serve as means of thanking your donors. So, mention the most generous donors or people who went out of their way to support your campaign. Also, include major campaign milestones.