How to: make your crowdfunding campaign go viral

While doctors may not get nearly as excited to hear the word, “viral” sounds musical to any social media enthusiast. And, when the content in question is a crowdfunding campaign, this assumes even more importance.

In many past posts, we have spoken about the need to spread the word about a crowdfunding campaign far and wide. Today’s #WednesdayWisdom post will give a few specific pointers on achieving it.


  • Do the math: The number of your own social media followers may not be a lot. However, you need to calculate the amount you can raise, based on number of people reached and average donation expected per person. This makes your virality target very simple – reach out to a specific number of people. Based on this number, you could also devise the necessary promotional strategy, online and offline, before and during the campaign.
  • Be concise: Whether it is a video or text content, you need to mind that it does not take up too much time. If it does, people are likely to skim through it or skip it altogether. Neither is a desirable situation. The video should only be a couple of minutes long while the text must be around 300 words long.
  • Be clear: Even though, your content needs to be brief, you ought to be very clear about your expectations from the consumer. You may do well by actually spelling it out towards the end.
  • Keep it simple: Don’t use jargon or flowery language in your content. It must be understood by anyone going through it. This is also applicable to the hashtags or punchlines you design for your campaign’s online promotions.
  • Yet appealing: Simplicity is no excuse for letting go of aesthetics, though. In a video, you need to still focus on it looking good. With the text, keep some infographics or images to explain your cause or concept better.
  • Touch a nerve: The most important factor in going viral is touching an emotional chord. Think of it from the audiences’ perspective. What kind of content are you likely to share with your family and friends? Test the “spreadability” of the content on a few close friends and tweak it as per suggestions.

Now that you a know a lot more about making a crowdfunding campaign go viral, you may want to try your hands at one. Take up any social or personal cause you need to raise funds for, and come on over to Crowdera. On our free fundraising platform helps get the highest return on your efforts, ROE!