How to: Use Reddit to promote your crowdfunding campaign

In some previous posts, we have written about effective use of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for crowdfunding promotions. In today’s post, let us discuss a few things about promoting your crowdfunding campaign on one of our favorite social networking platforms – Reddit.

Let’s begin by answering the question “Why Reddit?”. According to the current Alexa rankings, Reddit is the ninth most popular website across the globe, and fourth most popular in USA. It has 234 million unique users (those registered on the platform), and gets 542 million visitors every month. That’s a lot of eyeballs to get attention from. Also, it is a fairly charitable community which has accomplished some really wonderful tasks together.

Here’s some ideas to promote your crowdfunding campaign on Reddit:

  • Be a part of the community: If there’s one thing Reddit does not like, new accounts suddenly demanding to donate. DO NOT do this. Even if you create a new account, try to be involved in the subreddits that you find interesting.
  • Seek out the right subreddits: There are three possibilities here. One, look up for subreddits where you can promote your campaign outright like /r/shamelessplugs or /r/promote. Two, post at subreddits like /r/donate, /r/charity and the like. Third one is not only time consuming but also the most rewarding one. Look up for specific subreddits whose members would be interested in your cause. It could be the citizens of a particular city or country, or even someone with a hobby or interest connected to your cause. Anything from /r/science to /r/books can be your target subreddit in this case.
  • Follow the Reddiquette thoroughly: When you go subreddit hunting, there’s one really important tidbit you have to pay attention to. Its called reddiquette, and every subreddit has its own rules, especially with regards to posting promotional links. Not following them can get you banned from the relevant forum. Also, there’s a whole lot of in-universe humor and memes within Reddit. Try to brush up on them before posting anything yourself.
  • Pitch yourself up for an AMA: AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. It is used pretty often by even the most famous people to connect with people. Brack Obama, Bill Gates, Edward Snowden and Neil deGrasse Tyson have done them. There is the “mother ship” subreddit for AMAs which is /r/IAmA. However, every subreddit can have its own AMA session. So, you could try pitching it to the moderators of multiple smaller and niche subreddits.

Having read all that, we hope you are now prepared to go headlong into the online fundraising world. While you do that, let Crowdera be your partner. Come on board and experience truly global, free crowdfunding.