Free tools can help make your crowdfunding efforts stand out

At Crowdera, we provide free fundraising to nonprofits and individuals. The reason is to enable every fundraiser to get the maximum benefit from their campaign. As such, we often advise them about some cool tools that are also free to use. These are tools that we use ourselves as well.

In today’s #TuesdayTips post, we divulge the list of some of our favorites among these tools. Efficient use of these can help make your crowdfunding efforts a great success. So, here it goes:



To share resources with your team

If you don’t have a GMail account, it would be worthwhile to make one right now. Mainly, gives you a free Google Drive. Here, you can create, store and share documents, presentations, images, videos and more. You can also collaborate with your team members, allowing some to make changes and others to view the files. Google Docs is an especially useful tool when working on your story along with a few others.

In case you are working on the documents on your own, you would like to use Evernote. The basic version of this digital notebook is (60MB uploads per month, syncing on two devices) is free.


Team collaboration and task management tools

Two of our favorite tools to collaborate with team members across the ocean are Trello and DaPulse. Though not free, Dapulse has a free trial period. It is too great of a tool not to mention.

Trello allows you to make boards under which you can list down the various activities under that vertical. The items on the lists can be moved from one list to the other easily. Additional notes can also be added to every task. It has a cool layout that reminds you of the manual notes that one would put up on their task boards back in the day.

We have also heard good things about some other free tools that are similar to these. They include TaskBoard, Quire and LibrePlan.


For pictures, videos and infographics

Ideally, the pictures used for the campaign and publicity should be your own.

In case you do need stock photos, we suggest to look up Pixaby and Pexels. You can edit the images using a free software called GIMP. You could even run an image search on Google, setting it to look for images that are licensed for reuse. Once you have a representative image, you could personalize it using Canva. You can even use this to make your very own infographics. This can also be done on Infogram.

For those not patient enough to read through your story, the videos are the introduction to your campaign. Lightworks can be very useful for this.

Social media management

Social media promotions are the backbone of the success of your campaign. There are a lot of free tools that can help you do this well.

Multiple posts need to put up on social media through the day all through the campaign duration. Instead of going online every few hours, you could schedule all your posts for the day, or even week at the same time. We love using Hootsuite for this. You can also check out Buffer, Klout, Social Booster and Social Clout. 

BuzzSumo can help you understand what kind of content is more popular and going viral.


Connecting with bloggers/media persons 

Buzzstream that offers a 14-day free trial can help you connect with the most influential bloggers and journalists in your niche. Then there is Help A Reporter Out (HARO) which is a great resource to reach out to reporters from across the world.


Mail distribution

MailChimp is a great tool to send out emails, as well as to get notifications whether the mails were opened and read.


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