The Fairy Godsister who empowers young women of America

When was the last milestone birthday that you celebrated? What did you do on the day? Two BFFs in New York decided to celebrate their big 29 trying to become better mentors to young girls. Daniella Asantewaa and Luisa Gonzalez have been The Fairy Godsister to many young women in the USA in the last three years.

Ironically, both of them had experiences in their careers where they felt the need for a mentor. And, both of them got a female mentor to help them through that phase.

The girls (whose birthdays are just two days apart) have known each other for 14 years. Among other things, they bonded over their shared need for a female mentor, and certain realizations about the proverbial glass ceiling. These realizations include many a facts about women in USA.


  • Despite earning 60% of all degrees awarded in the country, women account for 49% of the college-educated workforce
  • Though women hold almost 52% of all professional-level jobs, only 5.9% of CEOs are women
  • Even until 2013, more than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies had no women of color as board directors
  • 75% of  women believe that they have few or no female role models within their organizations

Both Daniella and Luisa are part of this minority group – women of color. From personal experiences, they know that things can change significantly if women get good mentorship early on in their careers.

That’s what they made The Fairy Godsister for. The nonprofit creates a “sisterhood” where accomplished and successful women can interact with students and young professionals. The mentees are ususally women between the ages 16 and 24. The mentors help the mentees they are paired with through academic, professional and even personal challenges.

They now wish to reach out to and help more women than they have. For this, they need to upgrade the relationship management software that they use to pair the sisters. They would also like to expand their website and organize many more networking events. You can help accomplish their goal by contributing to this fundraiser by The Fairy Godsister.