Explaining bisexuality to masses of India: Bi Collective Delhi

People in India have just about started to understand the social issues of homosexual and transsexual people. However, an essential component of the LGBT umbrella, bisexuality, is grossly misunderstood in the country. A small group of individuals who identify themselves as Bi Collective Delhi aims to change this.

By their own admission, they exist to provide help not just to bisexual individuals. They also take into consideration the needs of those who identify as bicurious and pansexual. They provide resources and a safe space for all of these people to express, and understand themselves well. Even people who don’t identify as any of the above but are curious or have questions about bisexuality can approach the group.

“Bisexual people are often mislabeled and grouped with homosexuals. This is a global issue. India is at a stage where discussions about sexuality are happening openly. Now that people have begun understanding homosexuality, we can start talking about bisexuality right away. This will help us skip the phase of confusion that exists in some of the more developed countries,” said a representative of the collective.

The group also believes that  fighting biphobia is just as important as fighting homophobia and transphobia. Using the right terms and more inclusive vocabulary are among the basic methods, they say.

Bi Collective Delhi has identified the need for scientific and well-researched books to help those who seek it from them. They have started a pool of resources for this. It includes pamphlets, brochures and charts on many relevant topics.

The group would like to add some of the better known books on the topic. However, such books are often expensive as they are published and sold by Western institutions. Bi Collective Delhi has started a fundraiser to fight this problem. This is a part of their war against bisexual erasure. You can participate in it, too!