Crowdfunding can help spread your joy, too!

Ever thought of sharing your joy with others? You’ll find many people who felt and did this in the “Inspiration” category on our blog. Such feelings are fairly common when something good happens – landmark birthdays, marriages, graduation, etc. Did you know that you can actually use crowdfunding to do similar not so random acts of kindness?

For today’s edition of #TuesdayTips, we tell you a few ways to do just this. In fact, at Crowdera, we work to ensure that you can help the maximum number of people. That’s the reason our platform doesn’t charge any service fee.

On to the topic for the day. Here’s a few ways that you can make use of crowdfunding to celebrate.


This is the most important decision when trying to use crowdfunding. There may be an organization whose work you admire. Or the homeless guy you pass by everyday on your way to work. Or even a relative, friend, coworker or acquaintance you’d like to help.¬†Remember, the cause is what will encourage people to not just contribute but also to bring in other contributors.


Once you have made the decision, make sure to pass it by some of your close friends and family. Since they are the backbone of the campaign’s success, it is important to know what they feel about it. This means that they have to be involved in the process of cause selection.


A few days before the D-Day, make your plans known to everybody you know. At this stage, you can graciously thank everybody who plans to give you any kind of gift. At the same time, you tell them that you have decided to forego of the gift and would instead like them to support your cause. Enlist the help of anybody interested to join your fundraising team to promote your campaign across social media.


Based on the reactions you get by now, you must be able to make an estimate about how much amount you can raise. This is important because you also need to do a cost-analysis at this point. Depending on the cause you are supporting, there would already be a target amount to reach (or you may have thought of one). The difference between the amount you estimate and the amount needed is an important factor in the next steps.


It just sounds devious! Essentially, this involves finding ways to fill up the difference discussed in the above step. This could be done by involving more people in the team, and giving them small targets of their own. (Crowdera allows this kind of team fundraising, BTW!) This could also mean bringing in some local media persons into the picture. We have a whole lot of posts on promoting a campaign that you can check out before devising your plan.


Once all this is done, go over to the platform that you have selected to host your campaign. Start your campaign by putting together your fundraising page. Ideally, you can see a link to do this on the homepage itself. Usually, this will be followed by a series of questions that you answer or a form that you fill up. At Crowdera, we have a unique templatized format that helps you fill in all the details and use it effectively on your page. Our team also helps you put together your page, if you need it.

After the team validates your campaign, you are ready to light up the life of another person! Happy crowdfunding to you!!!