Here’s why people donate money to charities

Ever wondered why exactly people donate to a charitable cause? A recent survey commissioned by UK based Institute of Fundraising found the answers. They found that most people donate to a charity because they believe in the cause they are supporting. And, women are more likely to respond to emotional messaging.

The study, done with the help of YouGov, was conducted in February 2017 with more than 2000 adults participating. They surveyed the respondents about their motivation for charitable giving, where they learnt about the cause and their subsequent donor experiences.

Motivation to donate to charities –

  1. 59% said they believed in the cause
  2. 37% said it was a good thing to do
  3. 21% said the charity had helped someone they knew
  4. 12% said the campaign caught their attention
  5. 8% said they had benefited from the charity’s work in the past
  6. 8% saw something about the charity on the news
  7. 2% thought they would get something in return

For reasons number 3 and 6, women (24% and 10% respectively) were more likely donors than men (17% and 5%).

One of the most interesting finding of the study was that 81% gave a donation having been asked to support a cause rather than it being a spontaneous decision. Of these cultivated donors, 59% said they would have donated otherwise as well. 10% said they would donate a smaller amount. However, 30% of them said they would not have donated at all if they were not asked to.

The report also speaks about the possible impact of the “ask” on donor behavior. “The data suggests that asking may have a considerable impact on the size of donation made by 18 to 29 year-olds, with 19% of this group saying they would have made a smaller donation had they not been asked. This is a significantly higher percentage than older donors,” it says.

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