When Punekars rallied to save a three-year-old girl

In April, the happy world of Pune’s Mehta family came crashing down when their three-year-old was diagnosed with brain tumor. The very next week, their daughter Ira underwent a surgery. Though successful, it was followed by some infections and complications. This meant a second surgery. Having used up all their personal resources, the family relied on the generosity of Punekars to help with their child’s further medical expenses.

Parents Tejas and Pratima Mehta used up all their savings in the first surgery. Ira has already undergone eight surgeries since her diagnosis. The treatment is not over yet, though. Since they had exhausted their resources, they turned to crowdfunding. Their campaign was launched on Crowdera last Monday.

Only two days after its launch, the word about the campaign spread all around Pune. In only two days, 386 donations came through amounting to Rs 21,32,513, quite a bit more than the target amount of Rs 2 lakh. The Facebook post about the campaign on the wall of Ira’s uncle Tanmay got more than 250 shares in 24-hours. On Saturday, a leading newspaper from Pune wrote about the campaign in their cover story.

So massive was the response of Punekars that the Mehta family had to spread the word that campaign has ended. Though they requested the well wishers to keep praying for Ira. She will stay in the ICU for at least another month.

Doctors say that Ira will need more surgeries over the course of the next few months. She may also need to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy afterwards. However, they also assure that there are good chances of complete recovery. They also say Ira can live a long life without the disease recurring after the treatment.

Little Ira stays in the prayers of all of us at Crowdera. We are glad to be a part of her road to recovery. We are also happy that all the funds collected by her parents will be used for the treatment, since we don’t charge any platform fee.