Spreading smiles by gifting them an education

In June, most Indian kids get ready to go back to school amid much excitement and fanfare. However, there is also a surprisingly large number who only realize all over again that they can’t get an education. In most cases, this inability zeroes down to economic factors. While some families can’t afford to send kids to school, in others the kids contribute to household income.

Rithwik Singh wants to put a smile back on the faces of 34 kids by gifting them an education this year. His plan is to help Umang Foundation Trust (UFT) provide for teachers and other means of educating the kids. As little as Rs 500 (~7.5 USD) per kid can pay for all the necessities. Many of the kids in question come from broken families or have abusive parents.

Rithwik believes that there is no perfect age to start giving back to the society. “Most Indians wait until they reach retirement age before getting in to social activities. However, I think we can start anytime we want to,” he says.

In fact, he is showing his generation by example that they can do this through celebrations as well. This is why he came up with the idea of celebrating the birthdays of four of his best friends with the kids he is seeking to get sponsorship for. In fact, anyone who contributes to the campaign floated to raise funds for the cause can attend the party.

“I want to encourage more people to start giving back in their 20’s to start giving back. It could be as small a gesture as celebrating with people who actually need smiles, hugs and cheers more than us,” said Rithwik.

A very good reason to donate to their campaign is the entire amount raised will be used for the cause. As Crowdera is a free platform, other than a tiny transaction fee by the payment gateway, the funds raised go straight towards the education of the kids.