A summer camp for underprivileged children

Indian education system is not quite known for giving importance to extracurricular activities. Though a few schools do work towards overall development of students, they are usually the ones with very high fees and privately owned. However, most schools merely work towards the target of achieving literacy. This leaves children lacking in several life skills.

Parents who can afford it, send their kids take up many classes and trainings during the holidays. Many times, these kids also attend summer camps where they learn several activities simultaneously. These activities can range from arts and crafts to sports. Children whose parents can’t afford these extra classes or camps are often lacking in several life skills.

It was this realization that led a group of youngsters in New Delhi to think of a solution. Five years ago, they started conducting special summer camps for the kids from the Indian capital region’s rural areas. The kids started learning and getting access to activities they never did before. Children who attended the camps became more confident, and in some cases, even passed on their newly acquired skills to others.

For the last five years, the summer camp has continued to sow the seeds of creativity and imagination among Delhi’s rural kids. However, funding the camps has always been a problem. Often, the volunteers have pitched in to make arrangements. For the volunteers, this is also a way to reduce the social inequality among people from different economic classes. They have a special integrated learning module to impart the skills to the kids.

This year, the team has decided to opt for a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdera. The aim is to impart a few skills to ten children from underprivileged backgrounds. They need a sum of Rs 3000 (~$46) for the requirements of every participating kid.