Building your crowd as a new nonprofit

While talking about crowdfunding strategies, we always suggest to start with people close to the fundraisers. Now, this works well for individuals or small groups. However, the scale of support needed for organizations is much bigger. Therefore, there is a need for more than the conventional crowd building measures, especially if the nonprofit is a new one.

In today’s edition of #WednesdayWisdom, we discuss a few ways to get attention for a young nonprofit.


Its always a good idea to get a strong foothold in your own city. You can do this by a lot of community outreach activities. You can do this by being out and about. Interact with people on the streets, at workplaces, places of worship, wherever you will get good attention. Any activity ranging from a door-to-door introduction round to a flash mob can help do this. Conduct several such activities in the first couple of months after your launch.


Even as you work on the ground to make people aware of your organization, create a good digital personality as well. Remember that in today’s time, any donor would Google you and look up for your organization on social media. A good web presence will also help new donors stumble upon you more often.


This is something you must work on even before the first two. Having a nice logo, punchlines, color schemes, some custom hashtags, etc is a good investment of your time and efforts. These will become your identity eventually.


Look up for some national organizations with similar causes and outlooks. If possible, chart out plans where the two organizations could do a project together. This has two benefits: one, you can see how a big organization works on various fronts and you get a chance to present yourself to a wider audience.


While you are doing all of the wonderful things you have set yourself up for, don’t forget to share it with the media. Every media person has so many negative and depressing things to report that anything positive is a welcome change. However, don’t spam their inboxes and be respectful in every conversation you have with them.

Once you have used all these methods, you may want to test their efficacy. A very simple and efficient way to do this would be a crowdfunding campaign. With Crowdera, you can do this at virtually no cost. Create your campaign, and lets make this world a more positive place together. After all, “Abundance Starts With Giving”.