This NGO believes in inculcating creativity in rural kids

When it comes to providing an education to kids from underprivileged background, most organizations focus on academics. While this is extremely necessary, this leaves these children severely lacking in co-curricular and extracurricular skills. This is what led New Delhi based NGO Centre for Education and Health Research Organisation (CEHRO) to start a special program to address the need for inculcating creativity and enterprise among kids.

CEHRO serves the kids from Munirka village located on the outskirts of India’s capital. Their earlier projects have centered around education, health, vocational skill development and providing job opportunities. Since their inception in 2012, the NGO has taken in 1500 kids from the village. These are kids whose families are engaged in menial jobs and don’t have a large income, even collectively.

The latest project of CEHRO is Hulchul, which the volunteers call as a movement by and for children. The 300 kids currently registered with them will get to select one of the arts offered. These include dancing, singing, dramatics, painting, writing poems, writing stories and making crafts.

Volunteers of CEHRO believe that an inherited condition like poverty must not limit the access of kids to education, or knowledge of any kind. Their aim is to reduce the socio-economic disparity when it comes to skills. Everyone, specially kids, must get the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The best part of Hulchul is that the kids get to select the medium of their artistic expression themselves. These arts will also encourage the kids to be as creative and innovative as they can.

CEHRO is running a crowdfunding campaign to gather support and funds for Hulchul. If you think encouraging kids to develop skills like creativity and giving wings to their imagination is important, support their campaign on Crowdera.