How to: take help of influencers on social media when crowdfunding

In some of our posts in the “How to” series, we have written about the importance of “influencers”. These are individuals who have the power to sway opinions of people for or against your campaign.

Reaching out to them is no longer a tough job as several lists are available through a simple Google search. At Crowdera, we also encourage you to look out for local influencers who are a part of the community your donors are. However, not every person reaching out can utilize the chance to connect with them.

The importance of influencers has been studied. We know that most donors to crowdfunding get to know about the campaigns through family or friends on social media. The stronger the clout and social network of a person, the better influencer they are. This also makes them ideal people to speak about your campaign since they will help reach out to thousands of people through one mention.

Here are some things to remember while reaching out to an influencer:

  • Research before approaching: The first thing to do after you get the details of an influencer is to understand their cyber persona. Look at their social media posts to understand their interests. If you like something, share or comment on it. Try to engage in a natural conversation with them.
  • Remember the definition: Before moving any further, go back to the definition of influencers in the first paragraph. The second word is “individuals”. It would be good to keep reminding yourself of this at every step of the interaction: You are trying to connect with a person, not an entity or machine.
  • Appreciate and educate: If you see this person involved in causes similar to yours, show some appreciation. Take this as an opportunity to introduce them to your work. However, this conversation must not be stifled, boring or scripted.
  • Take their advice: Before asking for help of any kind, check their stance on your organization and its plans. Inform them about the projects that you are taking up and take their opinions on the matter seriously. You can even mention them (by tagging) as the brain behind the idea.
  • Suggest ways of involvement: Depending on the profession and interest of your influencer, you could request them to get involved with your cause or organization. These could include a guest post from them on your blog (or from you on theirs), a media report about your work, giving them a chance to interact/meet with the beneficiaries, etc.
  • Express gratitude: This oft-repeated advice is of utmost importance. Never forget to thank an influencer for their involvemeny in your campaign. This goes a long way in creating a lasing association which is the aim of such outreach. It also tells their followers one more time that they trust you and support you.