A school that is changing lives of kids in a Dominican Republic slum

The first step towards an education for most of us is entering a kindergarten school. But its not so for the children in Dominican Republic. The country’s education system makes compulsory primary education for kids between 6 and 14 years of age. Any education received before this is considered a part of preeducation activities. As such, the concept of a kindergarten in the Caribbean nation.

Realizing that this is harming the children of her country, teacher Fanny Espinal decided to do something about it. While working as a teacher in a private school, she also wished to teach kids in the slums where she grew up. Thus, was born Mis Primeras Huellas (My First Imprints) in Los Guandules in 2012. Since the last seven years, the school has improved the lives of hundreds of kids from the area.

The idea behind setting up MPH was to utilize the most formative years of a child’s development well. The students here not only get their basics in academics, but also learn important social skills. Teachers here also encourage creative and innovative approaches to problem solving.

Currently, the school serves 100 kids from the neighborhood. It has kids from all possible backgrounds. Many of them don’t even have enough resources to let the education continue for long. The good thing is that the school is a not-for-profit entity. It raises funds for all the requirements of the kids including stationary, classroom supplies and even annual field trips.

Students of the school together pay an amount equivalent to US $23 to get this education. The entire next session of the school can be funded with a relatively small amount of US $4000. You can chip in a small amount towards the cause on their fundraising page on Crowdera.

Just like their mission statement says, Mis Primeras Huellas is changing lives one step at a time.