Making your nonprofit fundraising summer ready

A few months ago, we gave you some pointers about fundraising during the spring. Also, we had a series of posts on fundraising during winters and the Holiday season. Now, we bring you some ideas about how to make your nonprofit’s fundraising summer ready.

Nonprofit organizations need to keep reinventing themselves, especially in terms of fundraising. These changes need to be in tune with the mood of the people, time of the year, etc. So in today’s #TuesdayTips post, we tell you a few ways to help you do just that during the summer months.


Outdoors: Just like spring, summer is also a time when people enjoy being outdoors. Attaching your fundraising with activities like water sports, cycling, trekking, camping, etc can bring in a lot of new donors to your fold. After all, who doesn’t want to have some fun and give back to the society at the same time?

Go old school: You could also plan a special picnic with all your supporters which includes barbecue, juice bar, old-timey sporting competitions, etc. You could go even big and make it a fair with rides, puppet shows, mini golf, mud tracks, etc.

Fun with food: Summer is known for some special fresh produce including fruits like peaches, strawberries, watermelon and veggies like tomatoes, corn, squash. Tie your fundraising efforts with these foods by roping in local farmers for more street cred.

Take to the streets: A fun way to spread awareness as well as raise funds is organizing street plays. Through small skits, mimes or songs performed on the streets, you tell people about the cause you are working towards. While some of your volunteers are performing, others can engage the crowd by handing over brochures or setting a small donation booth nearby.

And while you do all of this, incorporate them with some online activities, perhaps a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdera. It won’t take away any of your money since its a free platform.