How to: Turn Your Volunteers Into Fundraisers

We have stressed the importance of team in crowdfunding before. Similarly when it comes to nonprofit fundraising, all volunteers can double up as fundraisers. After all, all of them are in your team because they believe in your cause, and there can’t be better advocates of your organization.

In today’s #FundraisingFriday post, we tell you a few ways how your volunteers can be a part of your fundraising strategy.

Reaching out to their networks:

Every volunteer has his/her own network where people may not know about your cause or organization. This outreach may be in their workplace, church, school, or just about anywhere. Some training will help all your volunteers to bring up the subject without it seeming like imposition. One of the most effective way to this is sharing their activities within the organization on social media.

Figure out where they fit in:

Every person brings in a specific skill set to the table. Some of the people associated with your organization may be social media superstars within their circles. Others may have an artistic bent of mind. Figure out who is good at what, and assign them some small tasks that will make them feel involved.

Give all volunteers small goals:

Its always a good idea to give every person on the fundraising team a small goal to achieve. It is also a good idea to give other volunteers similar, perhaps smaller, targets. Recognizing this need, Crowdera allows you to divide your fundraiser into smaller ones, with smaller targets set up for individuals in your team.

Share their stories:

One way to appreciate volunteers, as well as to inspire them to do more, is to make them into heroes. Put up the stories of involving them on social media, newsletters, emails, etc. This will inspire them to share the said communication, which in turn, will be seen by several potential donors.

Let them interact with donors:

Like we have said, volunteers have the best reasons to believe in your organization. This makes them the best spokespeople for you. Even when it comes to advocating it to new or existing donors. In fact, when it comes to tasks like thanking donors, volunteers are the best people to do it.