Using images to make your crowdfunding story effective

“The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words,” said American photographer Elliott Erwitt. These words especially hold true for crowdfunding pages where images are a very crucial element of story telling. Just like the video, it also helps in enhancing the visual appeal of the page.

Many people who are directed to your page, would rather just see a few pictures and the video than read the entire story. Even when it comes to social media promotions, powerful images and video are more effective in grabbing attention. So in our #TuesdayTips post today, we will discuss the criteria that pictures added on a crowdfunding page must satisfy.


  • Image quality: Make sure that the images you use are clear and of good quality, not blurred or pixelated. Its not even necessary to use high-end equipment. Even smartphones can take great photos. There are some great (and free) tools you can use for any editing you need.
  • Number of images: At Crowdera, we allow you to upload upto 5 images to display on the top of the page. You can also add some pictures between different sections in the story section. However, do this only when the story is big. Take a clue from Sarathi Trust’s campaign.
  • CREATE THE RIGHT EFFECT: In every paragraph of your campaign story, you reveal a new aspect of your organization/cause/life. Pictures representing these ideas placed at the right places can explain the story on their own without relying on words. For those who read the story attentively, it enhances the emotional effect of the story.
  • BEFORE AND AFTER: Whether it is to show progress in a project before and after the campaign, or to convey to donors what kind of difference they have made, images can state things that can’t always be said or expressed.

The next time you want to run a crowdfunding campaign, come over to Crowdera. Here, you can run a campaign without paying any hosting fee and also apply all the lessons you get right here on Gee Meer.