A Battle of Tech Companies against each other to advocate the end of homelessness

Slum soccer and Crowdera recently organized a Corporate Charity League on 18th August 2018 at slum soccer academy on the Diversity Pitch, Bokhara Nagpur.

The tournament was held to provide an opportunity to the corporate employees to participate in a football tournament as well as to raise awareness about social development amongst corporate sectors of Nagpur. Another important motive behind this was to begin a fundraising campaign for Homeless World Cup 2018 which will be held in Mexico City in November.

Teams from the corporates such as Lupin Limited, Crowdera, InfoCepts,  and Ceinsys Tech Limited had participated.

“We have participated in various tournament but this is our first one to be able to play amongst the IT sector’’, says Lupin Limited.

In the tournament, InfoCept and Lupin Limited showed up against each other for the finals. Infocept dominated the match right from the beginning and won by 7-0. Needless to mention, they have had their name beautifully inscribed on the trophy of the league organized by Slum Soccer with the help of Crowdera.

Crowdera helped Slum Soccer organize the whole event while also collaborating and inviting other corporates to play in the league. Crowdera not only assisted Slum Soccer in launching their web page and campaign but also helped them in building different teams of other corporates under their fundraising ecosystem.

Slum Soccer is a Nagpur based FIFA-awarded Football for Development organization that uses football as a tool to educate, empower and provide opportunities to diverse and underprivileged communities throughout India. For the past 17 years, Slum Soccer has been sending Team India at the Homeless World Cup. And every year, since its inception, teams are not only improving just performance but also their rankings. Last year in Oslo, capital of Norway, Team India took a huge leap from 24th to 18th position in the World Cup.

This year the Homeless World Cup will be held in Mexico city and will welcome India along with 50 other nations across the world.

“With the support of Crowdera, we launched the campaign to raise funds for sending Team India to Mexico at the Homeless World Cup 2018”, says Slum Soccer.

The Homeless World Cup is an annual football tournament organized by the Homeless World Cup Foundation, a social organization which advocates the end of homelessness through the sport of association football.
You can support them here as well.