Babar Ali- World’s Youngest Headmaster

Don’t you feel, there is a mesmerizing power in teachers towards our life which enhances our most pivotal part, that is success. It’s not only the student who climbs up the stairs of success but these are the teachers who construct and  built up those stairs to empower and motivate to reach for the stars.

Actually, there would be NO Doctors, Builders, Dancers, Singers and  many other professions,without the “Teaching profession”. It is the only profession which give wings to many other significant professions without which we cannot survive in today’s world .

It’s not always the teacher who completes us by  making us worthy of  holding a degree, but every person who teaches us something great for our overall development is worthy of this title known as ‘TEACHER’Today, India is reeling under a crisis which is dearth of schoolteachers. It is not uncommon knowledge that several schools particularly in rural India are functioning with just one teacher 

We as youths, often forget the value of our teachers who are as supreme and akin as God.

Jeannette Walls once stated that “Teaching is a calling too. And I’ve always thought that teachers in their way are holy- angels leading their flocks out of the darkness”.

Crowdera is indeed honored to post this beautiful initiative on an awe-inspiring person who is a  teacher as well as a student.

Babar Ali, being a proud Indian student and teacher from Murshidabad in West Bengal. He was titled as “Youngest Headmaster In The World” by BBC on October 2009, at the age of sixteen. He is still a student himself, he enrolled at the government-run Cossimbazar Raj Govinda Sundari High school in Beldanga, West Bengal. In the afternoons, starting at 4:00 p.m., he in turn teaches students in a school he founded in his parents’ back yard, in Murshidabad. He had begun teaching at nine years of age, mostly as a game, and then decided to continue teaching other children at a larger scale. However, this  school continues to be run as an outdoor school and counts a total of ten teachers including Babar Ali himself, all of them are students at school or college who volunteer to teach at the school.

There are 800 children learning at the school, starting from four or five years of age. The fact that school is tuition-free makes it affordable for the poor in this economically deprived area, so that the school has been recognized to have helped increase literacy rates in the area. In Murshidabad there had been no governmental or private schools. Pupils come from nearby villages and walk up to four kilometers in order to attend their lessons.,

There could be nothing more nobler than contributing towards the weaker sections of society, to elevate & empower them towards a better quality of life.

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