Climate Force 2041

Climate, being a part of nature and the seasons that come with it are indeed, one of the most beautiful aspects of Earth. Due to our greed of occupying lands for raising animals meant for slaughter and global pollution caused by factories and automobiles.

Global warming is an issue of which we all been made aware of.  This issue of climate change is irreversible

Did you know that temperatures around Arctic Peninsula are raising  2.5 degrees in every 50 years? This can cause some serious survival problems for all earthlings.There are many  scientists arguing about  the temperatures which may be further rise due to certain natural processes, as Antarctica has melted before – 3 million years ago.

Nevertheless, there is a general consensus that human influences are contributing significantly.

As Sir Robert Swan puts it, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.’’

The Arctic  is one of the  most beautiful, untouched,  and pristine locations on the  planet, which is exactly why we  must do everything we can to preserve  it. If the glaciers continue melting at their  current rate of deterioration, sea levels will rise,  and the disastrous effects will be felt on a multi-national  scale. This is the reality of climate change which has the power  to radically reshape our future.

Crowdera is indeed honored to have such a beautiful story of two dynamic humans this past November.

Robert and his 22-year-old son Barney attempted to become the first people in history to walk to the South Pole powered entirely by renewable energy. Over the course of the 60-day expedition they encountered an Antarctica that was melting beneath their feet. It was here that they knew that they needed to expand the mission of 2041 to those areas around the globe that climate change is having the most effect on.

Aligning the vision and passions, the mission is to use adventure as a vehicle to preserve our planet. It is important that I wish we all had the capability  go to the Arctic and look at the havoc that humans have created over the decades

Over the last 15 years, Robert, Barney, and the 2041 leadership team have guided more than 3,500 people to the Polar Regions on various expeditions. I have seen no other individuals have a stronger record of success and experience in leading ventures in the Polar Regions.

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