“Mukt”- find the freedom, in the world of music

“Music ignites the inner child within us, wings to our imagination and adds life to everything around us”

Young people can be a powerful force in bringing change in society.Today, 2019 is an Era where we have all the tools which are accessible to turn your passion into your profession. All they need is the three D’s,  Determination, Dedication and Discipline. It’s their body,soul and mind which resembles the three P’s Persistence, Perseverance and the Patience.

The leaders in our society coming from all walks of life have pushed past their comfort zones to realize their potential and serve a higher purpose by listening to their intuition and inner voice and in turn inspiring the next generation. The youth of today brings  freshness, vigor, spirit to the workplace in which they wish to thrive in.

Do you know about the youth culture?

Researchers have characterized youth culture, as embodying values that tends  to be “in conflict with those of the adult world”. Common concerns about youth culture include a perceived lack of interest in education, involvement in risky behaviors like substance use and sexual activity, and engaging extensively in leisure activities but those young minds who are purposely passionate about giving something to the society through their best-known talents, marks a step ahead towards the evolution of their own as well as of the future of the country.

The five talented boys, who have willingly dedicate their whole life in music and believes that ” Without music, life would be a mistake”.

These boys from Ahmedabad nailed the art from their independent music, being engineering dropouts and landing into a career which is completely different required that sought of burning desire which these boys possess. The desire to fight, desire to take constructive criticism and the desire to come with the world’s most enjoyable band.

Their journey is no less than an awe-inspiring story.  Being school boys,confused, unaware of the world,distracted, they always had a burning desire, which later became their  dream which now is converted into their profession. The band took their name forward with very first two talented boys Udit and Tarun who were always there with each other, since 2013. Which marked the flourishing beginning of the band “Mukt”.

As growing into teenage to adulthood,they encountered many challenges. Coming from different backgrounds, they faced the fear of succeeding & the fear of sacrificing. For udit, his only inspiration which diverted his peaceful mind into music was his grandfather. The common problem faced by all of them was the big decision which made a remarkable change in their life, which was convincing Indian parents to have the tag on their children as “engineering dropouts”. Every parent in their families had different reactions and approaches, some parents were easily convinced but unfortunately they took much convincing, but as they say If there is a will, there’s a way

Tarun coming from tribal family, felt the connectivity with art and music within his family. He had different angles of hurdles in his life too but his supportive father, didn’t want his child to loose the world out of him. Dhaval, Raag and Yash too had their own mixtures of happiness and sorrows which they bravely fought for

Initially “ Mukt ” did many performances on Bollywood songs for which they were paid well. In 2017, there was a turning point for the “Mukt”. So their quest as to what made them different and unique  their identity crystallized into its unique form with them choosing to create original music, albeit only to bring some of the awe-inspiring literary gems to the mainstream.

Their inherent love for freedom inspires them to free these palmary masters of words from the shackles of time – to give them Mukt-i. According to them Literature is a very important aspect of the society and it deserves much more eye than it has, they wish to bring literature to the masses in a newer form.

However, they tackled many criticisms, and were now hardly paid for their work. Because everyone wanted the “Masala of Bollywood”. But nevertheless without giving up the hope, they continued to burn the midnight oil.

And on 20th January, one their performances in “Natrani Amphitheatre”an immortal impact on people, leaving the crowd, craving for moreee! Which gave them the courage and confidence to publish their debut album!

Why crowdfund them?

The kind of work that they do is not enough to sustain their band.

They are striving to keep their incredible literature alive for our upcoming generations. They feel that music is the most interesting way to convey anything and we chose to convey literature, that’s the catch. It’s completely a non-profitable initiative.

Please support this noble cause and contribute whatever you can!

We here at Crowdera support these incredibly talented young men to bring about a much-needed change in the world of music.

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