Mentally- Not disabled

Did you know that around 71% of children [14.52 lakh], are in rural areas, out of which 5.9 lakh are disabled children in cities. Of them, 11.04 lakh are male and 9.38 lakh are female children. Among them, 1.49 lakh children have multiple disabilities?

A disabled child belongs to one of the most vulnerable and marginalized sections of society and has to deal with multiple challenges in day-to-day life. These include accessibility of welfare centers and health care establishments; minimal infrastructure support; negative attitudes of health care professionals or employers; limited educational and vocational opportunities; social stigma; negligible psychological and social support to them as well as their families; monetary constraints; and poor quality of life, especially in developing countries.

Disabled children are also susceptible to a great extent of violence in their daily life may be in kind of verbal, physical and sexual terms.

A disability is a sort of disadvantage that either restricts or prevents the given person in the discharge of the roles/duties that are considered normal for that person. Owing to the enormous magnitude and global distribution, it is of foremost importance to plan and implement cost-effective strategies to reduce the magnitude of this problem. “More children with disability are found in rural areas because of lack of pediatricians and doctors in villages. 

Even after many years of independence, the problem of disability is not recognized by our government.The main causes for multiple disability can be considered because of Communicable disease, Infection in early childhood, Early motherhood or Nutritional deficiencies.   

When we talk about Disability in India, it is still functioning in the realm of social welfare instead of a rights perspective. The moment we change our objective towards these problems, the real transformation will be reflected. It is not the social work we are working for but it’s the freedom to deliver rights to these children.

As the thinking will evolve with time, changes can make a useful impact for bringing transformation in the minds of people.

We here at Crowdera supports Run2Educate project, which is an initiative by MBA students of IIM Bangalore to raise funds for the education of underprivileged section of society. 

They are making the lives easier for Differently Abled candidates

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