Assam needs you

 When natural calamity hits the life of humans it brings severe destruction and leaves them in a situation of helplessness. The smiles are lost, happiness fades away, the happy going small families become homeless. The beauty of nature is eliminated, which carries the pain in the hearts of nature lovers 

Humans have no control over these awful events and incidents, but they have all the control over how they actually deal with it.

No other species ever in this world like humans are blessed with “heart” full of emotions, unfortunately, we as humans have surrounded our self in a world full of hatred, selfishness, and greed. We have let other bad deeds to hypnotize our kindness which eventually is leading towards a world full of cruel mammals.

It will take no time for us to take a step forward and wipe their tears off by helping and supporting them… the calamity prone area does consists of children who are raised to live their dreams…the women who dedicate their life taking responsibilities towards their own families …..the men who earn penny by penny to fill the empty stomachs of our youth. we as a united nation who are apparently divided by cultures; can’t let our family spend their lives in vain

One such incident in Assam gave a major setback and left everyone in the morose and worrying situation.

Where a total mass of 44,08,142 is hit by this natural calamity in almost 3024 villages, the affected area of Assam.

The flood leads to the death of 12 people out of which an estimate of 689 is sent to relief camps.

Yes, they had families, they had their self made- earned houses and shelters which are equally valued than our luxurious house. Just like any other person they want to live their dreams too…

But as the rule continues to say that… Life is all about unexpected moments and obstacles…it can never show you a straight road to follow…it will always form a path, difficult to walk on 

It was later estimated that large scale of devastation across the states was spotted where Baska, Hojai and Majuli district continue to submerge 1.51 lakh hectare of cropping land..which caused a major downfall in agricultural fields which lead to the severe food crisis 

It’s not only the humans who suffer…but it is the resources and other species too who suffer…for once people can help people but no one ever looks the seriousness upon the death of animals and our useful resources. They are important too.

Let us together contribute towards this noble cause …and support them through crowdfunding

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