What would you do to fight against the climate change?

Meet Neelima Mishra, who is a super-active campaigner involved in raising awareness of single-use plastic-free living. She was the only Indian participant selected from the state of Odisha for the ‘Leadership on the Edge Program’ which is a part of the Climate Force Arctic Expedition led by Sir Robert Swan.

Climate change has the potential to derail growth strategies and deepen poverty apart from loss of life, livelihood, assets, and infrastructure.

In one of her articles, Neelima mentioned that climate change has a special relevance for Odisha because of its location and geophysical conditions. Apart from the devastating super cyclone in 1999, repeatedly, Odisha has been facing intense tropical cyclones — the most recent being Daye and Titli. Not to forget the intense and unprecedented heat waves that claim many casualties.  All these conditions led Neelima to step up and act upon the necessity of the situation. Getting selected among the team of 80 people in the “Leadership on the Edge” program, was in itself an achievement but she was facing a shortage of funds to make it her reality.

Neelima’s mission was for a greater good, which was even beyond her own self. It’s rare to see someone so motivated and having the drive from within, to do everything possible in order to make the change happen.
On day 65, Nileema Mishra raised 114% of her goal amount. And here is how we made it happen:
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Neelima was able to complete her Arctic expedition and was later covered by many renowned media houses to motivate the Indian youth. She is now an influencer who works for various environmental causes.
“By witnessing the pristine wilderness on Earth, I will be trained in sustainable ways of living and interacting with the ecosystem by the experts, thus helping me on my climate leadership journey.” – Neelima Mishra

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