Because mental health matters

150 million Indians are in need of active interventions, suggests a National Mental Health Survey by NIMHANS.

In India, the need to acknowledge and support people with mental health issues is greater now than ever!

A WHO report says, 7.5% of the Indian population suffers from some sort of mental disorder and this stat will go up to 20% by 2020. The common mental disorders existing today are,

  1. Depression
  2. Bipolar Disorder
  3. Anxiety 

Often people don’t even address or acknowledge the mental health issues, and battle endlessly with dilemmas, stigmas, and myths around mental illness.

White Swan Foundation, a Bengaluru-based nonprofit organization is taking concrete steps to develop knowledge resources to enable informed decisions around mental health, firmly believing that while structural and services-related challenges of mental healthcare need to be addressed with great urgency, social challenges can be wiped out through a better understanding of mental health.

With the right knowledge, we learn to ask the right questions, make informed decisions and seek care that is right for us. Mental health issues affect the everyday life of an individual, depriving them of the essence of life itself and it’s high time we take necessary steps to counter this situation.

The White Swan training programs have created mental health allies in,

  • 90+ schools
  • 650+ teachers
  • 1300+ employees
  • 1000+ community members

Let’s break the silence and stop pretending that mental illness doesn’t exist. Donate to the cause of mental health as your donation will help us deliver the right information, support, and resources to millions of people with mental health issues.

Mental Health

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