5 Things You Can Do During Lockdown Period.

The whole world has come to a standstill due to COVID-19. We are all indoors, some of us are working from home while some of us are enjoying this break time.

This is a situation that none of us have confronted before. The economy is on a Topsy-turvy ride currently and no one knows what the future holds.

The lockdown has hit the poor the hardest – the homeless, the migrant laborers, those who live in slums, the daily wagers – India’s most vulnerable population. Hungry and homeless, have no money and no food.

In these tough times, there are many ways in which all of us can make a difference to the lives of those suffering due to this pandemic. Here are some ways you can try :

1. Help stop the spread of COVID-19 – Stay at home, wear the mask and practice social distancing if you need to step out. Wash your hands if you step out and touch something or shake hands with someone.

2. Volunteer – Find an NGO online and volunteer some of your time daily to work with them on distributing relief materials across your city.

Some NGOs you could engage with are listed below :

Elixir Foundation, Ahmadabad
Panah Foundation, Ahmadabad
Swachha Association, Nagpur
Nagpur Group of Friends –Maa
Annamrita, Nagpur
Youth for Sewa, Nagpur
Center for Sustainable Development, Nagpur
Y4D Foundation, Pimpri Chinchwad and Pune Region
Human Welfare Charitable Trust, Mumbai
Shanti Sahayog, Delhi
Center for Education & Health Research Organization, Delhi

3. Donate – Find a fundraiser online or donate to this general fundraiser.

4. Fund-raiseStart a fundraiser of your own to support a local cause or join our fundraiser as a team member.

5. Share – We need all your support to reach everyone in this nation to know about our fundraiser for NGOs who are doing commendable job on ground to provide relief to daily wage earners, migrants, slum dwellers and those residing in distant villages with essentials.
Through our 5 years of work with NGOs and supporting over 1500 organisations and individuals raise funds successfully, we believe we are in a position to help at grassroots and realize the challenges faced on ground. We know they need a lot more than we can do, but this is a step in right direction.
And with your support we hope to make better impact in days to come.
Stay home, stay safe. Lets get rid of COVID-19 soon!